Gun Dog Whistles

Gun Dog Whistles

Acme Plastic Gundog Whistles


Acme gundog whistles are simply the best!

Acme 210, 210.5, 211.5 and 212 dog whistles stocked in a   variety of colours

Thunderer and Shepherds whistles complete our Acme plastic   whistles range.


Acme Metal Gun Dog Whistles



Traditional Acme metal whistles are nickel plated brass.

Their tone and volume are excellent.

They have unrivalled longevity.

Acme Silent whistle can be adjusted for pitch

Horn Gundog Whistles


  • horn-whistles.jpgStaghorn and Buffalo horn dog training whistles in a range of pitches.
  • Available as 'with pea' or 'pealess' for different tonal characteristics.